Alternative Project changed the way I see the world.

Natsuho Tanabe


Discover yourself to be a Responsible Leader.

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International youth camps in Indonesia

What's special about it?

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Co-living with diverse members

Understand yourself through leaning different culture

Co-living program to expose youth to diverse socio-cultural, economic, and environmental condition. Hands-on experience through workshops with social emotional learning approach to discover self potentials.


Dig in the real-world problem

Responsible Living, Responsible Business

Design thinking approach to understand further sociao-cultural, economic, and environmental issue and learn to maximize potentials to create positive impact in your own way.


Meet your role model

Discussions and sharing with role models and mentors

Choose better career with social & environmental values. Join our positive atmosphere to create sense of belonging and condition growth mindset.




We envision that our youth discover their potential and passion to be responsible leaders.


To inspire future young leaders to be “Empathetic Change Makers” through exposure to diversity, social, cultural, and environmental issues through Hands-On Youth Camp.



Undiscovered potential of young people 

  1. Not enough out of box support for youth to discover & maximize their potentials.
    The conventional education system is not yet successful to guide youth to discover & maximize their potentials that are able to direct them to the right learning, career paths, or life choice... Not enough support for them to gather modality to be responsible leaders.

  2. Not enough support for them to gather modality to be responsible leaders

    Not enough holistic approach (triple bottom line framework) for youth to learn to be responsible leaders with balanced social, cultural, and environmental awareness to take the right decisions to shape the future.

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A Bit of Background

Alternative Project is started in 2013 in Indonesia, seeks to encourage youths from all over the world to explore global cultures and issues through close interaction with local citizens while collaborating on short-term projects in a fun environment. We believe that the youths will gain truly ‘global perspectives’ from these projects and in turn, will return home with fresh new ideas to improve their local communities.


Official Partners

Valued Partnerships

Gakuvo (Nippon Foundation Student Volunteer Center)

Instellar Indonesia

Hoshizora Foundation



Coworkinc. Impact hub Jakarta.



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